Terms of service

Updated on June 6, 2017

Our relationship with you


UProc LLC is the company responsible for offering the UProc service and has its registered office at 1910 Thomes Ave, Cheyenne, Wyoming, 82001, USA.


UProc is a data provider


UProc is a comprehensive data processing service. You can access a detailed description of the main features and the service portfolio from the web.


UProc allows a quality treatment of your data online through the transfer of your data to the service. You can consult the section “Data transfer” to consult the terms of the transfer of your data to the UProc service.




Protecting your privacy is very important for UProc. Review thoroughly our Privacy Policy on the web to better understand our commitment to maintaining your privacy and the way we use and disclose your Information.


Data transfer


You may not assign or transfer any rights or obligations under this Agreement without the prior written consent of UProc. You are not authorized to transfer your Account to a third party. UProc reserves the right to relinquish or transfer your position in these Terms of Use or any right or obligation of these Terms of Use without your consent. This does not affect your right to close your account at any time.


At the moment you use UProc, you are accepting that UProc will be in charge of your treatment. In addition, you allow indirect cession to third-party suppliers that UProc considers necessary for the proper functioning of the service. The said assignment shall be considered as accepted by you, at the moment you send data to the service to be treated, whether or not you are registered.


You, as a user of the service, must be the owner of the files treated in the service. UProc is not responsible for the upload of data acquired in a fraudulent manner for which it does not have the corresponding permits.


UProc will not control what data you send to the system or its criticality. You, as user and owner of the treated files, must send to the system only those data that are strictly necessary for the correct treatment.


The transferred data will remain in the system the time necessary for the correct fulfillment of the service and will be automatically deleted from the system following the data retention policy defined for your account. For more information, see the section “Catalog” / “Data retention”.


UProc is committed to contributing with appropriate technical means to ensure the total availability and security of the data provided by you as a user.




We will communicate with you in the language or languages in which we have provided these Terms of Use. You agree that UProc may provide you with notifications or other information by posting it on the UProc websites (including the publication of information to which you can only access by logging into your Account) or by sending it by email to the address on your Account.


With the exception of modifications to these Terms of Use, such notice will be deemed received by you within 24 hours from the time it was posted on the UProc website or sent to you by email. If the notification is sent by email, we will consider it received by you three working days after its sending.


Notifications made to UProc in relation to these Terms of Use must be sent by mail to the main office: UProc LLC 1910 Thomes Ave, Cheyenne, Wyoming, 82001, USA or from the Support section of the web.


Modifications of conditions of use


UProc reserves the right to make modifications, deletions or additions to these Terms of Use, including the Rates and other amounts that apply to your Account, notifying the Change with the publication of a revised version of these Terms of Use in the UProc website, prior notification of the change by mail.


UProc will make the change unilaterally and will be considered accepted by you once you have received the notification. We will notify you 2 months in advance of any change, which will take effect once the 2-month period has elapsed. The 2-month notice will not be applicable in the event that the change is required by law or refers to a new service, additional functionality for the existing Service or any other change that does not reduce your rights or increase your responsibilities. In these cases, the Change will be made without prior notice and will become effective as soon as it is notified.


If you do not object to a Change by closing your account within the 2 month notice period, it will be deemed you have accepted it. Although you may close your Account at any time and without charge, please note that you must continue to take charge after canceling these Terms of Use of any liability that may have been incurred and may have before canceling these Terms of Use.


Aptitude and account types



To meet the requirements for our Services, you must (i) have the full legal capacity to enter into a contract and (ii) if you are an individual, be at least 18 years of age.


Similarly, by opening an Account with us, you represent and warrant that you do not act on behalf of or for the benefit of any other person unless you are opening the Account at the request of the company for which you work, an undisclosed payer or a third beneficiary. If you do not act on behalf of the company you work for, the new Account must be in your name only. If you reside in another country, you can access your agreement from the UProc website or websites in that country (if any).


Types of accounts


We offer the following types of accounts: Basic, Professional, and Enterprise.


Each account differs in the available capacities of the Service. We reserve the ability, prior notification by email, to change the capabilities of each type of account at any time, according to the needs identified by UProc, as well as to update the prices of the accounts and any other aspect linked to the accounts of the Service.


Confirmed registration


To be able to access the service, you must confirm the email received at the time of registration. Until you confirm the email, you will not receive your password to access the system and your account will not be accessible.


UProc web as login


UProc will allow access to your account through the credentials generated at the time of service registration, and will not allow third party access to your account if you do not have such credentials.


UProc does not guarantee or represent in any other way the identity of any user of this login method. If you provide the credentials of access to the service to another user, it will always be under your responsibility and UProc will never be held responsible for the possible damages of that permitted access.


UProc stores your encrypted web access password in the system. You are the only person who has to know the password.


UProc apiKey as login


UProc makes access to your account available through the use of a coded key that only you should know.


This key gives access to your account and to the remote processing of the data that you give to the system.


UProc is not responsible for the publication of said key, resulting in unauthorized third parties being able to make unlawful use of your account without your consent, or of charges made by third parties in your account without your authorization.


You are responsible for keeping this key secret and for using it correctly according to the limitations of the service.



Basic aspects

For the correct functioning of the service, the user must have a balance in his account. The service allows the user to add more balance to his account on demand. You can check the Support section to answer any questions about it.




To fully enjoy the service, UProc assigns a minimum free initial balance at the moment you confirm your registration in the system, without the need to add a new card.


Once the initial balance is exhausted, you will have to add more funds to the system if you wish to continue operating remotely in UProc. Different payment methods are accepted for adding funds to your account.


Change of account type


UProc facilitates the change of account at any time, to enjoy the functionalities of an advanced plan or reduce it, according to the needs you have at that moment as a user.


If you confirm the change of account, the gateway will be responsible for proceeding to pay the pro-rated monthly amount of the new account, taking into account the date of activation of the new account.


For example, if a new user had a Basic account (with a cost of € 0 / month) and activates a Professional account (with a cost of € 29 / month) on the 15th day of the current month, the gateway will apportion 50% of the amount of the account for the current month (€ 14.5), and 100% of the monthly amount from the following month.


Invoice generator


he service will generate the invoicing of your account automatically for the current month, only if there is a cost contemplated for use and/or acquired account. If the user has a Basic Account and has not made use of the account, the corresponding invoice will not be generated. If the user has made payments by credit card through a payment gateway, these will be shown on the corresponding invoice.


For users who do not use a payment gateway, billing will reflect the costs per use and type of account, exclusively.


Payment methods


To use the UProc service, the system offers different payment methods:

  • Credit or debit card, through the Stripe payment gateway.
  • Paypal, being able to pay with your account at any time.
  • Bank transfer, sending the money to the specified account number.

In certain cases, UProc will accept alternative methods of payment for the service provided if the appropriate payment guarantees are provided.

21% VAT will be applied to all transactions made in the system, is mandatory to fill in all the company’s data, in the case of wanting to opt for the VAT refund applied if the client is a company.

UProc does not save card data in the system and deletes all the committed data of the payment in the Stripe gateway, saving in the system only the basic data of the transactions carried out with the gateway in order to track any detected incidents.




In the event that payments through payment gateway are rejected or returned, or in the event that the issued invoices are not made effective in the calendar month of billing, UProc will notify you about the incident, and block the account until the incidents are resolved with the payments.


Transaction history


UProc stores in the system the payments made of all the cards added to your account at some time. You, as a user, can access all the payments made in the system through the payment gateway. In the case of canceling an associated card, you can continue to access the payment history of said card.


Modification of invoicing conditions


UProc reserves the right to modify the billing criteria at any time according to the needs of the UProc service.


Any change that implies an affectation to the user will be notified through a communication on the web and email, a few days before its activation in the service, and will be understood accepted at the time the user accesses the service.


Service catalog

Prices modification


UProc reserves the right to unilaterally change the prices of the catalog processors when it deems appropriate. UProc will notify on the web and by email the update of the prices of the affected processors of the catalog.


The prices set in your account and processor will be maintained, and will not be affected by the catalog price updates.


Catalog modification


UProc reserves the right at any time to add, modify or eliminate those tools of the catalog that it deems appropriate, taking into account the needs of the service.


To avoid any effect on your account, UProc will notify you in advance on the web or by email only of the changes that affect the processors you are using from the API. The following changes to the processors may result in a notification by UProc:


  1. Modification of the name of the tool.
  2. Modification of some of the parameters of the tool.
  3. Modification of some of the properties of the tool response.


Retention criteria


The data sent to the service will be maintained from the moment of processing, during a determined period that will coincide with the retention period for your account, being the maximum period of 1 month by default. The defined period can be extended according to the contracted services, the provider is responsible for taking the appropriate measures for its deletion after the contracted period.


It is the sole responsibility of the user to obtain the results of the different processes for their subsequent processing in the systems. UProc will provide the means to enable these exports in real time or by downloading results files.


Ownership of processors


Any processor in the catalog, whether is available by default in the system or generated from the editor by a user, will be considered the property of UProc.


Origins of data sources


UProc is a comprehensive quality data service, and as such, is responsible for testing the quality and accuracy of data sources integrated into the system.


UProc will not be responsible for the loss of quality of the a posteriori integrated sources, and will only provide the necessary means to replace the conflicting data source with one that allows obtaining the expected quality of the service.


Data treatment

Contract of treatment


UProc is not responsible for the files and/or data provided to the service by the user until he has registered and signs the treatment contract for those users and/or companies located in Spain. You can find the contract to sign in the Contract’s section.


All data provided to the UProc service by users and/or companies in Spain, it is understood that they are owned, legally obtained and registered in the AEPD, as specified in the LOPD. UProc disregards the data provided to the service that does not comply with the conditions mentioned.



Service location


UProc is a service located in the cloud. That means that the servers can be located in any country within Europe.


Integrations with suppliers

To guarantee the maximum quality and availability of certain processors in the catalog, UProc integrates with some suppliers external to the system. These providers receive the data in real time and return the response to UProc.


UProc always tries that the chosen suppliers have a policy of location of their infrastructure in Europe, although in some cases suppliers can be integrated without the availability of servers in that region if the service of the provider can provide an added quality value of UProc.


UProc guarantees that all the used providers comply with the data privacy rules and that the data sent abroad is automatically deleted once the requested external treatment has been completed.



Basic aspects


You, as a registered user, have the possibility to integrate with the UProc service by making requests to the web server. You can access the API using your access key or APIKEY, available in your account profile, and make use of it, by consulting the technical documentation available at https://docs.uproc.io/api, or by reviewing the processor that you are interested in using from the web catalog.


Security of the remote key


You, as a user of the UProc service, must guarantee the security of the apiKey remote query key and store it in a safe place. UProc is not responsible for the inappropriate uses and possible charges in your account that third parties beyond your control perform when having access to the said key.


In the case of detecting an inappropriate use of your key, please communicate it from the Support section of the web, and we will be responsible for generating a new apiKey key for remote access to the system.




The UProc service is in continuous evolution, and from time to time new versions of the API are published, adding value to the service.


To avoid possible errors of any of its integrations with the service, UProc applies a versioning criterion for its API, adding a prefix (v1, v2, …) to the API URLs.


The latest version of the API will be considered the stable version to exploit the service, and UProc undertakes not to alter previously published versions. The old versions will be marked as obsolete at the time a new version is published. This mark will only be informative, and the versions will continue to be operative in the service.


It is important to make the appropriate changes in your active integrations to be able to enjoy the new features provided by a new version of the API.


Availability of the service


UProc is committed to providing the necessary means so that the UProc service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.





UProc reserves the right to restrict, suspend or close your account if it considers that you may have breached this Agreement or the law or that you are misusing the Services (such as infringing some of the things that should or should not be done).

UProc reserves all its intellectual property rights in the Services.