Automated enrichment for over 750 apps


UProc data for the systems you use

UProc for Zapier allows you to create automated workflows to enrich data wherever you need it. With Zapier and UProc, you can create workflows that enrich leads or products, send emails, complete spreadsheets and get all kinds of useful data.

Pre-built or custom integrations

Use our templates to push enrichment data to your systems or create your own zap in minutes.

Data from reliable sources

We use multiple data sources to get the most up-to-date data available. With UProc for Zapier, you add intelligence to your systems without development.

What tools will you get?


At Zapier you will find:

  • Actions, to enrich or verify any data in your task flow:
    1. Person by email/profile gets employee data.
    2. Company by name/domain gets company data.
    3. Email/Mobile lookup checks recipient existence with multiple KPIs.
    4. ASIN/EAN/UPC lookup gets product data by code from Amazon US.

You can select more than 230 tools from our catalog! Read our blog to check user cases.

  • Triggers, when something happens at UProc:
    1. New Added Profile to List for “UProc for LinkedIn” notifies to Zapier when a new profile is added to an existing list. You will be able to send profile data wherever you want. Check our blog to know more.

New templates and triggers will be published soon.

Do you want to test all the tools?

Discover validation and enrichment capabilities in our catalog.

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