Automate your sales flow


Do you want to sell more but you don’t know how you can do it? Do you know that you can use LinkedIn to improve your sales process? If you want to improve your sales funnel, we recommend using these next tools:

Dux-Soup for LinkedIn

Dux-Soup is a Google Chrome extension that extracts the information from a profile on LinkedIn. You need to search people (defining your required filters) on LinkedIn and Dux-Soup will visit each profile automatically and save all the data.

You have to buy Pro version to be able to visit profile data, but you can use multiple LinkedIn accounts. Follow this link, and you will get three months free!

UProc for Sheets

UProc for Sheets is a Google Spreadsheet Add-on that will discover emails of the leads exported with the Dux-Soup extension. You will be able to get email leads processing any data present in your Sheet with just 1 click.

When installed, look at sidebar on your right, select “I work on IT”, email on “What column I want to get” selector, “Discover email” on “I want to use next tool” selector, and set sheet column names with params domain (domain or URI), name, and surname. If you have any doubt, let us know.

You have some free balance to test our extension! Follow this link and install the extension from Chrome Webstore!


Woodpecker is an email platform that can automatize and personalize the sales email and the follow-ups. You will be able to send emails to your new leads easily.

You can sign up to send 500 cold emails for free. Your trial will expire in 30 days. Follow this link to enjoy this offer!

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