Get reliable emails in your WordPress site


Verify Any Email Address

UProc’s WordPress plugin checks email validity and deliverability on any email input form of your WordPress site.

Get Real and Qualified Users

Feed your email list with verified addresses and without sending emails.

Verify emails in signups, comments or orders (WooCommerce).

Accept only corporate emails on your site.

Improve Campaigns Ratios

Increase deliverability and reduce hard or soft bounces.

Discard ip or domain reputation issues.

Boost open and click ratios in your campaigns.

Help us to improve!

We will improve our service and add new plugin functionalities with your donation!

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Can I use it on multiple sites?

Yes. There is no limitation when installing. You can install it wherever you want.

Do I always have to register in UProc?

You need an API Key to use the plugin, and you will get one when the register is done at UProc.

How much does it cost the plugin?

The installation has no cost. When registering, some balance will be added for free into your account. With no credit cards or payments!

How can I get more validations?

You can get more balance in your account at UProc using a credit card, bank transfer or Paypal.

Is it a reliable plugin?

Sometimes, mail servers don’t return if a recipient exists. Those domains are known as catchall email domains.

More than 95% mail servers return reliable results. Please take into consideration this percentage for your validation purposes.

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