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Tool Description Category Unit/price CPM


What does the catalog contain?
What type of tools exist in catalog?

All tools are classified into two types according to the result obtained:

  • Verification, return if an item pass some rules (it’s a mobile phone?)
  • Enrichment, additional data returned from an initial value ( based on the ip city)
Do I have to register to use the catalog?

Registration is mandatory. The application provides access to all tools for free in test mode to evaluate if the tool is useful. Registration allows to:

  • Access all tools.
  • Work with lots of data.
  • Use api in real mode.
  • Upload files.
  • Access to restricted responses returned by external providers.
Which limitations do the free queries have?

There are the following limitations applied to:

  • Multiple values: you can only check one value per parameter. To process multiple lines, you need to buy credits in the system
  • Mode: You can only call api in test mode and file upload is not available
Which queries are billed?
When is applied the billing?

A prepaid policy is always applied by default.

The service checks the balance availability when processing is needed. The User has to recharge the system with new funds when there is not enough balance in the account. The minimum charge is 20€, that will be added to your balance. This balance has no expiration date.

For real time calls via API, service will send a response if there is no balance. The User can check the Autopayment option to authorize the charge of the amount defined in his profile.

The User can check current month expenses, forecast and savings, as well as, all the invoices available in the system. Every month, the previous invoice will be generated in the system.

Which payment methods are accepted?

These are the prepayment methods accepted on the system:

  • Credit or debit card, using Stripe gateway
  • Paypal, accepting payments with your account
  • Bank transfer, with a direct transfer to the account provided

For other methods, contact with the provider at the support section.

How is the tool price calculated?
What differences exist between fixed cost and volume cost per tool?

For Basic plan users, the maximum end cost will be defined as fixed in the catalog. For users of Professional and Enterprise plans, cost by volume will be applied to the same queries grouped by tool. Next are the current defined volumes in the system:

  • 100000 queries
  • 300000 queries
  • 500000 queries

The discounts applied depends on plans and users. Cost optimization will be always applied in all the plans.

The tool price can be different?

UProc allows to define different prices per user. This means that depending on your needs, we can establish a unique initial price per tool in the catalog, optimizing the costs per quality and volume.

What is a retention period?

This is a temporary storage in the system, that optimize the expenses of your account .

Repeated queries during your retention period won’t be charged.

After retention period, ALL processed data will be erased from service automatically. You can achieve more retention days getting a better plan.

What are the promoted payments?

If you have selected Professional or Enterprise plans, every time you do a payment in the system – manual or automatically -, uProc will gift you a percent of the payment amount, that will be added to your account. The gift percent depends on your plan, and will be bigger in Enterprise plan.

There is no promoted payments in Basic plan.

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