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Do you want to find out what is the time of route and the gasoline consumed between two postal addresses, IP or telephones? In this post, we provide you with a guide on how to easily enrich your data.


When do you need to calculate a route?

It is necessary to calculate the route between two or more addresses when:

  • Your company has a commercial network distributed throughout the territory, and you need to know the distances and time for the right allocation of the clients’ portfolio.
  • Your company is dedicated to logistics and wants to make a distribution of routes, taking into account different values of time, consumption or distance.
  • You have an online store and you need to know the costs and delivery times of the purchases made through it.
  • You are a private individual and you need to know the estimated route between two points.


What properties allow you to obtain the route calculation?

It is possible to calculate the route between postal and IP addresses, postal codes, telephones or coordinates.

The calculation of a route allows you to obtain easily the following fields:

  • Route time.
  • Gasoline consumption.
  • Cost of the route.
  • Departure location (for partial addresses, IPs, telephones,…).
  • Arrival location (for partial addresses, IPs, telephones…).


What benefits do you get with the route calculation?

By calculating the routes, you are able to:

  • Select the most efficient routes.
  • Save fuel in terms of cost and consumption.
  • Know the exact departure and arrival points.
  • Calculate approximate routes without knowing the exact data, or using indirect fields (telephones, IPs, coordinates, …).


How does UProc help you in the enrichment process?

UProc was born with the goal of providing all the necessary utilities to debug, validate, enrich and unify all your data sources in a centralized and categorized catalog, with multiple data families and typologies.

In the case that you want to enrich the values of your data sources and calculate a route between addresses, you can access the Catalog and follow these steps:

After verifying the value of the service, you can see the result of your request below the entry data.

To easily integrate you can use our API. If you click the link “Show API information” you may find examples in multiple programming languages to accelerate the integration process with UProc.


Can I enrich multiple values with UProc?

To validate multiple emails you have to register and use the Processing Assistant (uploading a file –Excel or CSV-) or to make a call to the API.


Do you need a better understanding of what the enrichment entails?

You can read our entry about How to treat your data (III): Completion , to answer your questions about the validation process.

Besides, we are at your disposal from the chat or the contact form, to address any question or query you might have about the service.


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