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Do you want to find out what technology is being used by your competitors? In the next post, we provide you with a guide on how to discover these data easily.


Why do you need to analyze your competitors?

Knowing the market is essential to improve your business and to compete on equal ground. By analyzing your competition, you will be able to:

  1. Know how your competitors are selling
    Which will allow you to know their business models, their sales processes…
  2. Know your client
    It allows you to acknowledge the weakness and strengths of your competition to improve your offer.
  3. Copy ideas from the competition
    By taking reference ideas that already proved to work and improve them, you will be able to reach a new level in your organization.
  4. Analyze your competitors’ activity and evolution
    Knowing what they do, where they are heading and how do they do it is essential to clarify the points to be taken into account.

Therefore, knowing your competitors is essential to allow your business to thrive by adapting it to the market needs at all times.


What do you get by analyzing your competitors’ technologies?

Knowing your competitors’ tech will allow you to discover several aspects of their business, such as:

  1. Internet Service Providers in use: Cloudflare
  2. Web server type: Nginx
  3. Programming language in server-side: Php
  4. Programming language in client-side: Javascript
  5. Javascript libraries in use: Jquery, Jquery Mobile
  6. CSS Libraries: Twitter Bootstrap
  7. Typography Fonts: Google Font Api
  8. Content manager: WordPress
  9. WordPress Plugins: Yoast SEO

In this way, you will know if there is room for improvement at a technical level, and you can implement the technical improvements that you consider appropriate on your website.

Besides, you are able to discover all the data from an already existing web address.


Which technologies can I discover

Nowadays, the range of available technologies is huge. You can find all the tech categories detected in the following list:

As you can see, the list is enormous and there are always updates on the new technologies detected.


Monitor your competitors’ technologies

As you may already know, technologies change very quickly.

That is why it is so essential to supervise your competition periodically in real time and to acknowledge if they have applied a disruptive technology change that could mean a menace to your business.

n this way, you will be on time to apply corrective measures, so you won’t be out of step on a technological level.


How does UProc help you in the enrichment process

UProc was born with the goal of providing all the necessary utilities to debug, validate, enrich and unify all your data sources in a centralized and categorized catalog, with multiple data families and typologies. It also makes easier to integrate these data when adding them to your system.

In the case that you want to obtain the technologies of a website, you can access the Catalog and follow these steps:

  • Type “technologies” in the Catalog search bar and press Enter.
  • Click on one of the tools found: Technologies by URL.
  • Once in the tool, you can check any value from your data source or consult available examples, clicking on “Try it now”.

After applying the value on the tool, you can see the result of your request below the input data, in the “Results” section.

To easily integrate you can use our API. If you click the link “Show API information” you may find examples of multiple programming languages that your technical team can use to accelerate the integration process with UProc.


Can I enrich multiple values with UProc

To enrich multiple values you have to register and use the Processing Assistant (uploading a file – Excel or CSV -) or to make a call to the API.


Do you need a better understanding of what the enrichment entails?

You can read our entry about How to treat your data (III): Completion, to answer your questions about the validation process.Puedes consultar la entrada.

Besides, we are at your disposal from the chat or the contact form, to address any question or query you might have about the service.

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