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Do you want to validate the existence of an e-mail? Here we provide you with a basic guide on how to verify if an e-mail exists, so you can get a better performance on your e-mail marketing actions.


How to know if you need to validate an e-mail?

It is very likely that you have included in your base some e-mails that may have a wrong format, but very easy to recognize. Besides, it is likely that some e-mails that you have already validated are not valid anymore, because of some of the following reasons:

  • The mailbox is full or blocked
  • Mail no longer exists
  • The IPS addresses have low reputation

These reasons are detected when you make an E-mail Marketing action, and the delivery platform notifies a large number of HardBounces (because the e-mail does not exist) or SoftBounces (because the mailbox is either full or blocked or marked as spam,…)


How do we know if an e-mail is valid for an action?

In order to determine if an e-mail is valid, you can use different validation methods, such as if:

  • The format is valid
  • The domain is valid
  • The mail server exists
  • The recipient exists
  • The e-mail is a trap (or spamtrap)

In order to solve the aforementioned points, it is possible to develop an application or hire a solution that solves it during the acquisition process or afterward, reviewing the existing database. In addition, with a specialized service, you are able to reduce the bounce rate of your mailing lists down to 3%.


How does UProc help you in the validation process?

UProc was born with the goal of providing all the necessary utilities to debug, validate, enrich and unify all your data sources in a centralized and categorized catalog, with multiple data families and typologies.

In the case that you want to validate e-mails, you can access the Catalog and follow these steps:

  • Search for keyword Email (you can click on the example to avoid writing).
  • Click on some of the obtained results, such as: E-mail exists o Email lookup.
  • You can review the meaning of the properties returned by the tool, locating your mouse over the name of the property.
  • Finally, you can test the tool by completing a value in the text square, or clicking on the available examples, and pressing the option “Try now”.

After verifying the value of the service, you can see the result of your request below the entry data.

To easily integrate you can use our API. If you click the link “Show API information” you may find examples in multiple programming languages that your technical team can use to accelerate the integration process with UProc.


Can I validate multiple values with UProc?

To validate multiple emails you have to register and use the Processing Assistant (uploading a file –Excel or CSV-) or to make a call to the API.


Do you need a better understanding of what the validation entails?

You can read our entry about How to treat your data (II): Validation, to answer your questions about the validation process.

Besides, we are at your disposal from the chat or the contact form, to address any question or query you might have about the service.


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