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We continue with our article series about data treatment, where we review the different criteria at our disposal. .


Why do you have to treat your data through validation?

Previously we commented on the need to assign a format to our datum to make it appropriate for its field type.

For example, an e-mail had to visually appear being an e-mail, and just with that, we had fulfilled the format condition.

Is that enough for the data to be reliable and profitable?

As you can imagine, in the case of e-mail and if we want to make an impact on our addressee, the answer is that it is NOT enough with just formatting our data!

tratar tus datos mediante la validación

You won’t make yourself rich without validating your data. Do not make the same mistake!

Hence we have to go further and validate if the e-mail meets all the rules to be considered valid, such as if:

  • The domain exists
  • It is not a temporary domain
  • A mail server exists
  • The addressee exists
  • Inbox is full
  • Address is blocked

There are several rules to consider when validating an e-mail, and it depends completely on your goals.

If you want to make an impact on a real addressee, the validation process must be very strict so it can ensure maximum efficiency.

That is why every field has a set of rules for its correct validation, and you need to know what rules it must follow to be useful for your business.

You can check the different commented aspects of the UProc e-mail validation, free of charge.


What will we see next?

In the next part, we will review the criterion for completion or enrichment, which allows you to treat your data, completing and simplifying the gathering formularies, making life easier for the user.


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