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We continue with our article series about data treatment, and today we are focusing on a new criterion: the completion or enrichment of our data.


Why treat your data with completion?

By applying the enrichment criteria you will get two fundamental goals:
  • To complete and qualify the base with related data
  • To improve your forms’ usefulness by simplifying data entry


What do you gain by completing your base?

With the completion, by enriching your bases with related data, you will be able to segment your actions in a better way, and you will make an impact on your clients in a more controlled way.
By completing your data you can get to know your clients more deeply and customize the campaigns, thus adapting them to their real needs.
Do you want to discover new data? Search for a detective willing to help!

Do you want to discover new data? Search for a detective willing to help!



Why improve your forms?

Optimizing your forms implies improving their usefulness and simplifying data entry.
A long form forces the user to be really interested in completing all the data.
With completion, we prevent the user from introducing all the necessary fields and we speed up the registration process. 


What data can you complete?

Through completion, you will be able to know even more related data.
For example, with the following fields you could obtain:
  • E-mail: name,  surname, city, province, autonomous community, company, role, social media, preferences
  • Telephone: city, province, operator
  • Cellphone: operator, roaming
  • Postal code: city, province
  • IP: city, province, postal code, coordinates
  • Name: gender
The important thing is to be clear about the data you need to capture and what additional data you need for your business actions.


What will we see next?

In the next chapter, we will focus on another important criterion to unify a database: deduplication.


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