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You must read this post if you want to improve Customer Service. Sometimes you want to talk with angry users to avoid reputation problems. But you have no way to detect their sentiment before reading conversation to prioritize.

This post will explain to you how to improve any online chat service combining Drift, UProc, and Slack at Zapier, and detecting when a user is angry in a conversation without reading any text.

You can follow the next steps to get a great Customer Service!


Create a new Zap when a conversation is created

We will create a four-step Zap (you need a Zapier pro account) called “angry user”. Login into Zapier and search for Drift app

A new popup will appear. Complete your Drift API key and connection will be ready

Open a new conversation in your site and send a negative text, like this one


Check step from Zapier and finish it.


Detecting user sentiment in a conversation

We have to create a new step to detect sentiment in the conversation.

To achieve this, we will use UProc app (this is currently a private beta application. Please, request for an invitation through this link) to analyze conversation text. Select it and create a new step

We will choose the action “Select tool” to select the right tool to analyze conversation text from Drift

A new popup will appear

Complete credentials with your email and your API key and connection will be ready

Now, you have to select the right Group (Text) and Tool (Get Sentiment from a text) and assign Drift property “Message body” to param “text”

After testing tool, you will get UProc output params about conversation text: Score and Level

Filtering user sentiment

Probably, you only want to notify negative sentiments to your Support team.

Select “Filter by Zapier” app

With this step, you will be able to filter those conversations with negative and very negative sentiments to notify your Support team

Notify negative conversation to Support team

We will add an additional step to send the negative conversation to your Support team via Slack (this can be replaced with other supported apps in Zapier like sending an email)

Select Slack app

Select what you want to do: send a private or a channel message

Add Slack credentials and you have a connected account

Now, you have to config who will receive notification (Customer Service manager for instance) and message text

After testing this step, you will receive this message at Slack

Enable Zap to start detecting sentiment from your conversations

Do I have to know anything else?

Every request done to UProc will consume balance from your account. Please, check our billing section and choose the right tool to know how much does it cost.


Automate everything

Remember, you can use any tool present in our catalog to verify or enrich any input data from other applications. Just follow previous steps and “Select Tool” to:

  • Enrich a Lead from Typeform getting complementary information by email (Personal > Get Person by email).
  • Verify a mobile before sending any SMS (Communication > Check Mobile supports SMS).

You have unlimited combinations. If you have any doubt, please let us know and we will help you to accelerate your business.

uProc team

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