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Yes! We’re back and we have several improvements in our products and added new tools to our catalog. Read our “Summary news: July 18”:

UProc for Sheets – Expanded add-on

We have extended our Google Sheets add-on to boost your productivity. Any data tool present in our catalog can be used from your sheet. You can combine with Dux-Soup to discover any lead email, enrich company data by domain, get products by Asin, geolocate record IPs, validate any email and more. Install at https://uproc.io/uproc_for_sheets

UProc for Linkedin – Improved extension

Plugin performances were applied and now Sales Navigator browsing is supported. All for free. Install at https://uproc.io/uproc_for_linkedin

B2B List Prospector – New Web app feature

You can generate any B2B list you want, searching by company name or domain and filtering leads by area or seniority at https://app.uproc.io/app/wizard/list/contacts

Domain reputation: New Tool

Check domain reputation to ensure that your email domain has no delivery problems at Domain Reputation or using “UProc for Sheets > I Work on It > Select field: domain > Select tool: Domain reputation”.

Decision maker: New Tool

Do you want to get the right decision maker in a company by area? Find contact that suits your needs at Decision maker or using “UProc for Sheets > I Work on It > Select field: company > Select tool: Decision maker”.

Employees by parameters: New Tool

Filter employees working in a company by area, seniority, country, … Improve your lead prospecting easily at Employees by parameters or using “UProc for Sheets > I Work on It > Select field: company > Select tool: Employees by parameters”.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you’re interested to know how you can save money. We don’t like paid plans. Test all our tools for free and pay only what you use. This is our principle!

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